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Code of Conduct MUST be signed and returned before your young athlete will be allowed to participate. ALL persons attending any game, practice, or function of the league MUST adhere to the code of conduct or face possible expulsion from the league.

Parent Code of Conduct

All Parents/guardians who have children participatng within the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer must abide by a Parents Code of Conduct which includes the provisions that follow.  Any violation of these rules may result in the revocation of the privileges within the Berekely Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer.


1.      I/We agree to be financially responsible for any eqquipment/uniform issued to our child other that the normal wear and breakage during games and practice.  Furthermore, I/We agree to reimburse Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Foorball and Cheer for the loss and/or breakage to said equipment/uniform.  An Equipment Bond check is collected at the time of registration to cover these expenses.  If all equipment/uniform pieces are returned in good condition, the equipment bond check is returned.

2.      I/We agree not to smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco, drink any alcoholic beverages, or use illegal substances at any Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer gathering of the team/squad. (Example:  after game/practice, team meetings, etc.) 

3.      I/We agree not to deliberately incite or participate in unsportsmanlike conduct at any Pop Warner Little Scholars function.  Action will be taken for violations of any verbal abuse, intimidations and/or any unsportsmanlike conduct and it will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.

4.      I/We agree not to use abusive or profane language at any Pop Warner Little Scholars function.

5.      I/We agree not to criticize, belittle, antagonize, berate or otherwise incite the coaches, participants, or fans within the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer and/or the opposing team’s participants, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or by gesture.

6.      I/We agree to accept all decisions made by the game officials, judges, or Conference Officials as being fair and called to the best of their ability.

7.      I/We agree to follow the proper Chain of Command when filing a compaint or voicing my opinion regarding any possible infraction or concern within the Berekely Jr. Golden Eagles.

8.      I/We agree not to interfere with or come near the “scale area” at the football field, where the weigh-in and pre-game check-in is taking place.

9.      I/We understand that any physical altercation will result in immediate suspension for the participant and his/her family until a review of the incident and a decision by the Executive Board is made.

10.  I/We understand that if any parent/guardian or participant should harass another parent, coach, or participant through social media, text messaging, email, or telephone calls, the parent/guardian or participant will be immediately suspended from the program until a hearing can be scheduled with a majority of the Executive Board and the suspended participant.


The Chain of Command will be as follows:

A.     The Head Coach of your child’s team.

B.     The Football or Cheer Commisioner of the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles.

C.     An Executive Board Member.




By Signing below as a Parent / Guardian of a child participating within the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer:


·         I/We agree to abide by the “Parent’s Code of Conduct” as well as “Football/Cheerleading Rules and Regulations”set forth by the association.  I/We also agree to take responsibility for any actions made by a guest or relative that violates either Official Agreement.


·         I/We agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations, Local and National, regarding Pop Warner Little Scholars.


·         I/We agree to accept and abide by any punishment deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.


·         I/We agree to complete the four (4) required hours of Parent Participation as well as return my child’s enitre uniform, free of excessive damage to the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles standards in order to receive my $150.00 Equipment Bond check and $150.00 Parent Participation check back at the end of the season.


·         I/We grant unrestricted and exclusive right and permission, free from approval or review, to use my as well as my child’s likeness in any and all media now or hereafter known, including but not limited to, pictures, and videos of which me or my child/children may be included intact or in part for promotion.


·         I/We understand that no person or persons affiliated with the Berkeley Jr. Golden Eagles Football and Cheer may use any statement, either written or verbal, to any newspaper, radio, television or any other media which may be interpreted to be an official statement, policy, or position of this organization or any of its affiliates without prior written permission of the Executive Board.


·         I understand that future messages may be delivered to me/us via email and text messages.


Forms for young athletes: 

2017 Physical Form: Download

2017 Player Contract: Download

Age / Weight Checker

Forms / Links for Coaches: 

Welcome Coaches! Here you will find the forms and links to classes you need to sign up to be a New or a Returning coach. 

Pop Warner is proud to partner with the National Center for Sports Safety to provide our coaches with Safety certification. For the month of JUNE ONLY - do it for half price at just $15 using the promo code: popwarner17. Learn more & sign up today at CLICK HERE [MANDATORY]

2017 Volunteer Application: Download

Coaches Must turn in a Volunteer Application as well as a Copy of your Drivers License.

You WILL NOT be allowed on the field after August 1st without Risk Management
MANDATORY: Risk Management
MANDATORY: NFHS Concussion Course
MANDATORY: USA Football Headsup & Concussion Click on Youth Tackle

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